Dry Cleaning Central is a pioneering type of dry cleaner.  Breaking away from the trends of a stagnant industry, Dry Cleaning Central is designed with forward-looking technology and sustainable practices.

Save yourself time by eliminating two trips to drop off and pick up an order. You will also save the gas it takes to drive to Dry Cleaning Central twice. Contact us to see if we can come to you with our FREE pick-up and delivery service!


What Makes Dry Cleaning Central Different?

Dry Cleaning Central is an Environmental Award winning dry cleaner that focuses on price, quality, and exceptional service.  We are a small, family owned and operated business that will do everything we can to make your experience with us as positive as possible.

5 Key Differences:

  • Outrageous Customer Service
    We understand your time is extremely valuable – that is why we feel it is so important that we make your experience with us an easy one! We are a family owned and operated, one location dry cleaner. We pride ourselves on our ability to personally talk with you, our customer, and resolve any issues or accept your complements.
  • Highest Quality Cleaning
    This is our promise to you, our valued customer. You will immediately notice the high quality of our cleaning, the lack of an offending odor and the softness of your garments. We like to say you can take our clean clothes home and put them on immediately – no need to air them out in the garage. All of your buttons will be sewn on properly, creases are to your specification, and spots are properly removed.
  • FREE Pick-up and Delivery Service
    Our route customers absolutely love our free delivery service. Each route operates two days a week; either Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays. Orders picked up on any service day are returned the following service day. For example, orders picked up on Monday are returned the following Thursday and orders picked up Thursday are returned Monday. Call Dry
  • Cleaning Central at 336-725-3773 for more information or click the get Started button.
  • Comfortable Atmosphere
    We’re not your typical dry cleaner. No chemical smells or messy counters. You’ll feel quite at home in our comfortable lobby. You are welcome to sit a while to catch your breath during your busy day.
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solvent
    Your clothes will feel, smell and look so much better and they will even last longer when they have been cleaned in our GreenEarth. Also, since your skin is your largest organ, whatever solvent your garment is cleaned in will enter your body. PERC, the most commonly used dry cleaning solvent, can be found in your breath and in breast milk while wearing garments cleaned in it. If you smoke, you probably don’t do it in the house. Yet you may be bringing possible carcinogens and chemicals that affect the nervous system into your home.

What is GreenEarth® Cleaning

Your clothes will be cleaned in GreenEarth, the environmentally friendly dry cleaning solvent that is odorless, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and gentle on your clothes.  No more will you worry about wearing toxic chemicals against your skin. Learn More

Its all about customer service and paying attention to details…

“We care about the environment, so we switched over years ago. You can tell from the way they clean and care for our clothes that they put time and care into every garment. They are so detail-oriented that they take care of minor repairs without being told to do it.”
-Aparna P.

“We switched to Dry Cleaning Central because of the environmental benefits, but we’ve stayed with them because of their excellent care and customer service. The home pick-up and delivery service is outstanding and priced competitively.”
– Janet L.